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Online Apprenticeship

In January 2017, PHCC VA became a provider of eLearning plumbing and HVACR apprenticeship modules developed by PHCC National.  The PHCC VA e.Learning program offers several important advantages over a traditional classroom:

· Open Enrollment — Apprentices may enroll at any time throughout the year since there are no class scheduling requirements.

· Pace of learning — Apprentices work at their own pace. Apprentices who are considerably experienced can typically move through the curriculum quickly. Individuals who are highly motivated can also work at a fast pace.

· Convenience — Apprentices can work from the comfort of their home or office, at a schedule that best suits their needs. Apprentices may postpone e.Learning during peak work periods, setting aside time for study on weekends or other more convenient times.

Since there is no set schedule, apprentices pursuing e.Learning must be self-disciplined and self-motivated to maintain steady

progress. This also means that students can start their personalized learning experience immediately; no waiting for a semester to start. Employer support and monitoring can be an effective method for addressing this issue.  E.Learning places primary responsibility for learning on the apprentice. When needed, most apprentices ask their employer or a colleague for assistance.


Tuition includes:

· Registration of student into US Department of Labor/Bureau of Apprenticeship Training

· Access to online PHCC e.Learning course assignment and testing site, includes e-texts and access to appropriate Virginia state code books.

· Access to online PHCC Advisor

· Monthly reporting of student progress on PHCC e.Learning site 

· Accredited OJT Hours Worksheet

· Monthly collection and monitoring of OJT Tracking report


Combined Enrollment Form 2022-3.pdf
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PHCC in conjunction with vocational training facilities throughout Virginia offers a great "4-Year" Plumbing & HVAC Apprenticeship Program. This program is BAT approved (Bureau of Apprenticeship Training) and is recognized across the State as well as in 32 other States.


The program allows a student to go to school at night and work on the job during the day to earn a living while learning the trade. Students go to class three hours per night, two nights per week. There are 168 class hours available, over 56 days of instruction, and there are 2,000 hours of on-the-job-training. There is a set pay scale that the student is entitled to with a top out rate of $17.00 per hour. This class is a great way to train an employee who wants to make Plumbing or HVAC their trade. The cost is less than $1,000.00 per year and that includes books, lab fees and tuition.


Plumbing Apprentice Competition

The Annual Plumbing Apprentice Contest offers third and fourth year plumbing apprentices a truly unique opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a practical, hands-on event that is fun and exciting for everyone involved. The apprentices will be required to rough-in a half bathroom on a pre-built module and the materials will be provided. Contestants will be given a layout, specification sheets, and the needed materials to compete in the con-test. Contestants will not have to drill any holes, and will have approximately seven (7) hours to complete the contest. First, second and third place plaques are awarded for being the best, not for finishing first; we are looking for quality not quantity. Contestants must provide their own hand tools.


First and second place winners have a chance to attend the national Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Association competition generally in Las Vegas in October.  Expenses may be offset for win-ners from member businesses.

HVAC Apprentice Competition

The  HVAC Apprentice Contest offers HVAC apprentices a truly unique opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a practical, hands-on event that is fun and exciting for everyone involved. The 2013 HVAC Apprentice Contest ise held each fall, in conjunction with the PHCC-National Association's annual convention.


Contestants will have a great opportunity to take in the full convention experience, complete with peer-to-peer networking and exposure to the latest technologies and products available to the industry. The HVAC Apprentice Contest promises to rank at the top of any apprentice's most memorable learning experiences.


PHCCVA will sponsor one of its top HVAC apprentices as a reward for outstanding performance.

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